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Kitepower's Airborne Wind Energy

Beyond Boundaries:
Wind Energy Redefined

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Integrate Kitepower into your microgrid to reap the benefits of airborne wind energy generation

Avoid Idle Generators & Save Diesel Off-The-Grid

When integrating Kitepower in combination with batteries, diesel generators can be switched off completely. Hybridising with Kitepower results in less diesel consumption for more clean energy, culminating in considerable financial savings even for areas that do not experience consistent high wind speeds.

Those Who Harvest Crops & Winds

An increasing number of landowners are now adding to their incomes by harvesting the wind that blows across their land to make electricity. Kitepower’s renewable energy can be used at your areas of operations to replace other fuels or sold as a “cash crop”. Farmers are therefore in an unique position to benefit from the growth in the wind industry. Moreover, whereas 530 kWp solar pv averagely uses more than an acre, Kitepower would cover approximately 6 x 2,5 m of ground allowing farmers to further optimise their arable areas. With Kitepower farmers can generate their own clean power, avoiding visual and acoustic pollution, and ultimately becoming less dependent on the grid.

Tax Advantages And Incentive Programmes

Between federal investment programmes, tax credit programs, feed-in tariffs and the ability to claim depreciation on wind energy systems, an investment in Kitepower’s AWE translates to real value.

Emancipate From Fossil Fuels

The decade we just entered is going to be the decade where every day will be crucial in deciding what the future will look like. In other words, this must be the decade when all investments and subsidies allocated to fossil fuel exploration and extraction end, this must be the decade when humankind divests and emancipates from fossil fuels.

The Kitepower systems currently in development are ideally suited to replace diesel generator sets in remote locations to save costs and mitigate dependency on polluting and expensive diesel supply. Kitepower aims to significantly change how the world’s energy demands are met by easing the deployment of distributed wind energy systems: The versatility of a Kitepower system is able to open up new geographical markets for the generation of wind energy and majorly contribute to the global energy transition to renewables.

Kitepower is one of the interesting possibilities of energy supply. We see the application as Defence in the operational and civil domain, it has social added value. This is one of the reasons for Defence to participate in this project. This offers opportunities, especially in remote and windy areas such as islands.

Paul van der Heul
Lieutenant Colonel, Koninklijke Landmacht

We are investing in Kitepower because it has developed an interesting technology that can have a significant impact on CO2 reduction in remote areas and locations requiring temporary power by offering a fossil-free alternative to polluting diesel generators. ENERGIIQ has every confidence in Kitepower’s management team and looks forward to driving this proposition forward.

Rafael Koene
Fund Manager, ENERGIIQ

We believe Kitepower will be a catalyst for airborne wind energy, thereby enabling renewable energy for a completely new segment. We are excited about the years ahead and will support Kitepower in the further commercialisation of the technology throughout.

Stefan van Eijk
Fund Manager, Stichting ifund

Let the kite fly until you have fully replaced coal, oil and gas as energy sources and have solved our climate crisis. Then relax and enjoy life.

Udo Zillmann
Secretary General, AWEurope

Kitepower offers a new interesting wind energy solution to the market (because of its innovative character) […] We believe that Kitepower has the potential to play a significant role in increasing the share of renewables in the global energy mix of the future […]

Daan Grooten
Head of Innovation, Qurrent

One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one’s greatest efforts.

Albert Einstein

Airborne wind systems offer the potential to harvest significant amount of wind energy at a fraction of the material used in traditional wind turbine systems. […] Fully autonomous operation is on the edge of realisation making these systems excellent candidates for producing the cheapest green electricity ever.

Gerard van Bussel
Wind Energy Emeritus Professor, TU Delft

The big advantage of kites is that there is hardly any pollution of the horizon because the kites operate at a very high altitude.

Municipality of Schiermonnikoog

Internationaal showcase event #Kitepower in Valkenburg was een groot succes! @TSEnergie

Netherlands Enterprise Agency

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