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Last modified on September 14th, 2023 at 14:38
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For enquiries please refer to the online contact form. Find below a list of press releases by third party media reporting about Kitepower:

Generating green electricity with a mega kite

The kite from Kitepower can generate green energy for 150 households

Kitepower displays the ‘miracle of airborne energy’

Pionieren met kite-energie: ‘We moeten vlieguren maken’

Kitepower lanceert crowdfundingcampagne voor markttoetreding

Mit Lenkdrachen Energie erzeugen

Robot kites test successfully in Caribbean

Kitepower: Leaving the world a better Place

To harvest wind energy from the heights where it blows fastest, the key may be to fly a kite

Energy storage for Kitepower

Kitepower’s kite generates energy by spinning in figures of 8 at high altitude

L’energia eolica nasce anche da aquiloni grandi come vele

PostNL’s Innovation Stamp Features Kitepower

Emerging Climate Technologies in the Energy Supply Sector

Aruba as successful test case for global wind energy innovation

by Future Islands

High-altitude wind power reaches new milestone

by CORDIS EU Research Results

Kitepower: nieuwe stap in het opwekken van windenergie

Story: EIC-funded Kitepower is taking its clean wind energy to the Caribbean Island

by European Innovation Council

Energy Kites Are the Soaring Alternative to Windmills

Ready Flyer One: Airborne Wind Energy Simulations Guide the Leap to Satisfying Global Energy Demand

The promise and challenges of airborne wind energy

Will Ockels’ dream flourish on Curaçao?

Weatherwatch: kites can harness energy wind turbines cannot reach

Energievlieger op Aruba

Hoe twee Nederlandse bedrijven energie willen opwekken met vliegers

Deze vlieger kan 150 huishoudens van groene energie voorzien, maar natuurorganisaties maken zich zorgen

Met mobiele vliegers in de lucht schone energie opwekken

Kitepower lanceert airborne windenergie in Caribisch gebied

Proef op Flakkee: kites als vervanger van de windturbine?

Flugdrachen für mehr Windenergie

WINDVOGEL: Energy-generating kites producing green power

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