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The Kite Power Research Group

Kitepower and TU Delft’s Airborne Wind Energy research group are collaborating closely to accelerate AWE and bring its implementation to the next level.

Kitepower is a growing team of TU Delft researchers and strong industry partners with a collective vision to reinvent wind energy. The research group was established in 2005 and currently comprises 2 staff members, 3 PhD researchers, 2 Researchers, and several MSc students. The technology is also the subject of a dedicated MSc-level course “Airborne Wind Energy” at the Delft University of Technology.

The Challenges

Supporting research is addressing scientific challenges such as automatic flight control, structural dynamics and aerodynamics of tethered inflatable membrane wings. This includes the development of physical models ranging from fast, real-time capable point mass or rigid body models up to accurate analysis tools based on Multi-Body or Finite Element discretisations.

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