Modelling of the dynamic behaviour of a laddermill, a novel concept to exploit wind energy

Published in:
, TU Delft
Published on:
August 1st, 1999
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Recently a novel concept, called the laddermill, was brought forward in order to exploit the high energy flux of wind at high altitudes. This device consists of a number of wings connectedbycables. A wayto modelthis deviceis presented, whichconsidersthewingsasrigidbodiesandthepartsofthe cables between them as flexible. A special truss element for modelling cables is described. The aerodynamic forces are described as is usual for cables and aircraft. An application to apreliminary designconceptfor a laddermillis presented.

3rd International Symposium on Cable Dynamics, Trondheim, Norway, pp.229-234, 16-18 August 1999.

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