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Airborne Wind Europe, the association of European AWE sector, serves as a platform for collaboration among various stakeholders, including developers, policy makers, research institutes, utilities, and investors. As one of the leading developers of AWES, Kitepower has become a leading member to help accelerate the growth of AWE technology.

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Published on: June 20, 2022

The idea of energy independence seems more and more attractive the longer the current energy crisis develops – while rich European countries scramble to secure gas and oil for the near future to then, eventually, switch to more and more renewable energy the impact on smaller countries and communities is yet to be seen.

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Published on: May 16, 2022

Kitepower is collaborating with Crowdcube, one of the world's leading equity crowdfunding platforms, to allow everyone to participate in Kitepower’s journey to a smarter energy future. Everyone can now play a vital role in Kitepower’s growth by investing alongside a community of impact-driven, like-minded people.

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Published on: February 28, 2022

The association of the European airborne wind energy industry, has appointed a new board of directors. We are very proud to announce that the role of Vice Chairman of the association is now covered by Kitepower's Founder CEO Johannes Peschel.

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Published on: May 25, 2021

On May 18th, a Kitepower demonstration event has been held at the Kitepower pilot site in Melissant, Goeree-overflakkee. Parties who showed interest in a Kitepower pilot installation had been invited to see the operation of the Kitepower Falcon 100kW system installed within Kaasboerderij Mulder's grassland.

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